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For attorneys

I offer consultation services, case review, research and report writing.  I have authored Rule 26 reports which have been used for Federal Court and I have provided trial and deposition testimony for both the Plaintiff and Defense.  I will determine if the agencys policies, procedures, customs and practices are within established guidelines and sound correctional practices.

For Individuals and families of persons either incarcerated or facing incarceration.

I have an extensive knowledge of prison culture and what you should expect during your incarceration.  Not only is this information important to the individual who is going to be incarcerated, your family and those who will interact with you during your time in prison can benefit from my insights into prison culture.

Movie and Television Prison consultation services

I have worked as a consultant in the film industry. The film I worked on was a major motion picture titled Trumbo. This film was directed by Jay Roach and some of the stars included Bryan Cranston, John Goodman, Diane Lane and Helen Mirren. For this production I assisted the director and his assistants with matters related to the actions of the extras who were cast as inmates during the filming of the prison scenes.  I also was involved in the dialect and terminology for cast members as well as helping with ensuring the set was realistic and functional.